Can my pet reptile eat dubia roaches?

Many reptiles can eat Dubia Roaches. Of course, each reptile can require a a size between nymph to adult. They are great nutrition for all reptiles regardless of if they are diurnal or nocturnal animals.

Small Reptiles:
Reptiles that are 2-3 inches max by adulthood, which are sometimes under one inch long when born. These reptiles by tradition are fed pinhead or slightest larger crickets, or fruit flies. The perfect size for these reptiles would be newly born dubia nymphs.

Medium Reptiles:
Animals in this range include bearded dragons, leopard geckos and crested geckos. Which vary in size from 4-24” long. These reptiles regardless of age can be fed dubias throughout their life. This means newborn nymphs which are 1/8” to older adult size of 1 ½ - 2”. Most reptiles of this size range primarily depend on insects for a healthy diet.

Large Reptiles:
These animals include monitors and tegus, which when adults can reach up to 4-5+ feet long. While these animals require a diet of insects, vegetables and fruits, dubia roaches are a great option to be the main insect for your animals needs.

Arboreal Reptiles:
Dubia roaches are a great option as they don’t climb smooth surfaces. However, they will stay on the bottom of the enclosure but will tend to hide or burrow underneath enclosure décor or substrate. Many keepers of these animals will use smooth walled bowls that can be attached to the side or just placed on the bottom of the enclosure. You can purchase both Small Bowls and Large Bowls by clicking on the text. Most arboreal reptiles will develop habits to regularly check areas of which bowls are offered.

What if my pet is not a reptile?
That’s okay! A lot of our customers have other uses for these feeder insects. This includes arachnids (scorpions, tarantulas).
Fish both for fishing and to be fed to pet fish including fish with a high protein and prey drive. Amphibians (axolotls, newts, salamanders and of course frogs).
Birds (Chickens, conures, parrots)

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