How to: Successfully Caring for Dubia Roaches

So, you just bought your first dubia roaches, now what? Follow this guide and you will be successful!

What is a dubia roach? Dubia roaches which can also be referred to as Blaptica dubia or Tropical Spotted Roach. These roaches can be found in nature in Central and South America beginning in Costa Rica. Nymphs are referred to the babies. Adult males will have large wings on their back and females will have stripped backs with very small wings.

First you will need a container to house them. A good candidate is a plastic bin with smooth surfaces. Dubia roaches cannot climb anything smooth. Depending on the amount you have, the Smaller-Larger size of a container you will need. Good choices can be a 5 qt plastic container, upwards of much larger sizes.

Dubia roaches will do just fine at room temperature in most households. (Average U.S households’ temperature is 68-76 degrees). Humidity should be around 40%, but this is not as important unless you are breeding your own.

Next you will need to fill the container with essential items that will benefit you and your feeders. You can increase the surface area of inside your container by using egg flats, or any corrugated cardboard (But just note that using any cardboard tends to break down faster).


Best way to keep you feeders hydrated is by using Water Crystals. This is due to the water being able to be in a solid state for them to eat, which doesn’t risk of drowning and is much easier to keep your feeder’s environment clean.

For feeding we offer daily our Feeder Chow which we make sure they have access to everyday. Our feeder chow and a mix of fruits and vegetables can ensure a proper diet for your feeder which will help gut load them to benefit the animal you are feeding it to.

You can keep both in separate plastic containers that the feeders have easy access to. We use our feeder dishes without the top plastic rim. Both Small and Large bowls can be found by clicking on the size.


Small smooth plastic container
Water Crystals
Feeder Chow
Cardboard or egg cartons
Small food / water bowls

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