How to: Eliminating Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies, also known as Drosophila melanogaster, are a common problem for many Dubia roach colonies. These small, winged insects are attracted to rotting or overripe fruits and vegetables and can quickly infest a colony if not properly controlled.

The first step in eliminating fruit flies from your Dubia roach colony is to locate and remove the source of the infestation. This could be rotting fruits, vegetables, or a buildup of organic matter in the enclosure (dead dubia roaches). Be sure to thoroughly clean the enclosure and dispose of any rotting or moldy food.

Next, you can use traps to capture and eliminate the fruit flies. A simple and effective trap can be made by filling a small container with apple cider vinegar or wine and covering it with plastic wrap. Punch a few small holes in the wrap, and the fruit flies will be attracted to the smell and get trapped inside. You can also use commercial fruit fly traps that you can purchase from pet stores or online.

Another controversial method for controlling fruit flies is to use a pesticide specifically designed for them. We highly suggest never using pesticides as most are engineered to not only kill the fruit flies but are often marketed and used for eliminating other insects which includes roaches.

In addition to these methods, it is important to keep a clean and tidy environment for your Dubia roach colony. This means regularly cleaning the enclosure, removing any dead roaches or other debris, and keeping the temperature and humidity levels within the appropriate range.

An effective way of keeping a colony clean with lower maintenance required on your part is the use of Buffalo beetles in colonies, you can read more about them here.

Finally, keep windows and doors closed, if possible, to prevent fruit flies from entering your home. You can also consider installing window screens or door sweeps to keep fruit flies out.

In conclusion, fruit flies can be a major problem for Dubia roach colonies, but with proper cleaning, and trapping, you can effectively eliminate them and keep your colony healthy and happy. Remember, with persistence and the proper methods, you can greatly reduce their numbers.

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